Blu Homes To Build Small Affordable Houses for the Poor of Marin County

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Bill Haney, CEO of Blu Homes, says his company "was founded with the mission of making architect-designed, green homes accessible to all types of Americans." That's been the challenge of modern prefab since the movement started, but it never seemed to happen. That's why Blu's new Oma Village project in Marin County is so exciting and ground-breaking; They are building small, affordable modern housing and packing it into the site in a way that creates useful communal spaces between.

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It isn't high density, at about 18.66 units per acre, but it "respects the community preference for lower-density development."- This is Marin County, the 5th richest in the country, and for this part of the world, getting almost 20 units per acre is a challenge. While these units are being offered to the homeless by Homeward Bound of Marin, it is a development pattern that could be reproduced elsewhere.

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Blu's press release describes the features of the project:

  • A staff-managed community space, laundry and computer learning and training center for residents
  • An outdoor kitchen common area designed to foster a sense of communal pride and responsibility
  • Healthy environments, including zero emissions from paint and other toxic materials, sustainably forested or reclaimed wood, and recycled steel
  • Highly energy efficient units that incorporate high performance materials and systems throughout, such as radiant heat, Energy Star appliances, and high R-value walls—Oma Village’s goal is to be a community of Net Zero Energy buildings

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Blu Homes To Build Small Affordable Houses for the Poor of Marin County
This project is a model of how one can get increased density and tiny houses in an urban environment

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