BIG wins Big in E2 Wood Design Competition

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In 1914 Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (not yet Le Corbusier) developed his idea for the Dom-ino House, where the traditional wood frame was replaced by concrete slabs and thin columns for maximize flexibility. Now Starchitect Bjarke Ingells and BIG channel their inner Corb to design Puu-Bo, which won the big E2 competition in Finland to build multi-family housing out of our favourite renewable material- wood.

big e2 competition wood construction image

It is really a bit of a contradiction, Corb was trying to move away from wood and BIG is moving back.

big e2 competition wood construction image

In fact, when you look at the exploded axonometric, the loadbearing elements are not columns, but walls. But nonetheless, there is a lot of flexibility, achieved by minimizing the loadbearing elements. The architects write in Designboom:

The 15,000 m2 housing project in kouvola is developed for maximum flexibility, embracing as many building typologies and functionalities as possible. being of wooden construction, the system aims to be sustainable in both its construction and consumption.


Of course, it is all prefabricated, built up of planning modules that turn into type modules into a building.

big e2 competition wood construction image

Rather than pinning the design around a single-time market study, the project is developed to evolve over time, ultimately being driven by new sustainable methods which enable it to remain competitive with other building systems. applicable to a number of functional needs, markets, building codes, and energy demands, 'puu-bo' works with the available resources in the Finnish market for better performance and the generation of qualitative spaces for the masses.

More at Designboom.

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