Beyond the Trailer Park: New Exhibition at Field Museum

There are a couple of words that nobody in the prefab world ever uses, including "trailer park", "box" and "manufactured housing". The Field Museum in Chicago has managed to put them all into the title of its new exhibition: Beyond the Trailer Park- Out of the Box- Design Innovations in Manufactured Housing.

Notwithstanding our complaint about the title, there are some interesting projects here- the CorePod takes a ranch-house type plan and stacks it in a superstructure. As your needs change or you are relocated, just unplug and take it with you. The LaCan project “has been designed with contemporary Americans in mind. Not only is it built to move - instead from moving to a new house with each lifestyle change, you just take it with you - "it can expand to accommodate growing families, or contract for empty nesters."


We like the MiniMax house, which expands like an accordion to apportion space to different areas as they are needed.

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