Architects' offices is built out of shipping containers

shipping container offices exterior
© Shinkenchiku-Sha

Shipping containers are made to move. Daiken-met architects designed their own offices in Gifu, Japan, to do exactly that; They have a short term lease, and built the office as a temporary structure with no foundations. Designboom wrote that the building " represents a model solution for those interested in surpassing the difficulty involved with making rental contracts for small scale structures."

Designboom also says that "the steel structural grid may be easily assembled and serves to reduce loads on the containers from the weight of its shell, furniture and users." That's not exactly true; full shipping containers can be stacked nine high, empty ones sixteen high. But the frame does hold them all together in the right place without welding, distribute the loads and provide for accessories like decks and stairs.

I like the temporary, industrial character of this one. Missed the first time around on Designboom; found on Inthralled.

Architects' offices is built out of shipping containers
A temporary office that can be moved when the lease is up.

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