Archigram Redux: More Ideas From the Sixties Are Fashionable Again

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TreeHugger has referred to Archigram, the group of British Architects and students out of the AA (Architectural Association School) that came up with plug-in cities, walking cities, blow-up cities and other ideas that are all the rage again. Now the BBC has picked up on it, with a recent interview of Peter Cook, one of the key players in Archigram and not a comedic partner of Dudley Moore. archigram image

More on Archigram at the website of their exhibition. Via PSFK.

Projects on TreeHugger that owe a debt to Archigram:

archigram maynard image
Andrew Maynard's Corb 2.0: Archigram Reborn
archigram burning man image
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Portable Architecture
archigram party dress image
Party Dress: The Ultimate in Movable Architecture

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