Andrew Maynard's Quon Modular In Production


Prefab may not take long to build once on site, but it takes a lot of time, money and perseverance to get a concept into the market and then into production. We first looked at Andrew Maynard's prefabs a while back, and now learn that his prefab company, Quon Modular, is in production and manufacturing. His site says "We are about to begin manufacturing our first housing modules for the Borogrove house and we have numerous other exciting projects underway."

Shown is the Weary Bay House in Far North Queensland. "The site is in an isolated area of the North Queensland coast, 200km South of Cairns along bumpy dirt tracks. The client could not get builders and trades people to travel to the remote site. They were also were reluctant to have a typical on-site construction as, similarly to the Borogrove house, it would damage the site." ::Quon Modular thanks for the reminder at ::Materialicious

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