Amy Goodwin's Flatpak House


Two and a half years ago we first reported on Charlie Lazor's Flatpak house, which he built for himself in Minnesota. Like much of modern prefab at the time, there were a lot of architects running around with ideas and designs, but there was not much out there on the ground. How much has changed since then; Michelle Kaufmann has turned into an industry and Charlie's flatpak is being realized across America. The first production version has been built for artist Amy Goodwin; not a lot of pictures yet but it is wonderful to see the vision realized. , Production " took almost two years since kinks had to be worked out as the manufacturing process went along. Despite being the guinea pigs for the Flatpak experience, the final product is all that Goodwin hoped for and more." ::Mocoloco




I love this bathroom of painted glass, by the artist Amy Goodwin. See also the ::Flatpak Website (a rare case of an architect actually building a clever site) and ::Amy Goodwin. via ::Materialicious and ::MocoLoco