All-Terrain Cabin hits Toronto


The All-Terrain Cabin as shown here is NOT for sale. It is designed as a showpiece, put together by BARK, a British Columbia registered non-profit collective of designers + businesses committed to raising the profile of Canadian design and ingenuity internationally, to show that Canada is more than "maple syrup, raw logs, and handsome Mounties." If you just want the box, go here. If you want to see what a group of very clever young designers do with a very small space, go to the Metro Home Show in Toronto this weekend, because it is far more impressive in reality than you can see in the photographs, shown in our previous post.


Just in this tiny bathroom is more design goodness than we see in entire buildings. The toilet is a Sun-mar composter; The wall tiles are glass from Interstyle from a design by This is it,, an amazing sink by Countercast but like nothing we can find in their catalogue, and a great door designed by Greehus and made by Corelam. And really, thats just the loo. If you are in the Toronto area, come see the All-terrain cabin at the Metro Home Show.

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