Achieving Density in Prefabricated Housing

One of the problems with modern prefabricated housing is the challenge of achieving greater densities and adapting to more urban milieus. Tim Pyne is trying it with his M-Hotel; Andrew Maynard proposed his Corb V2.0;; Now, in the spirit of Bernard Rudofsky's "Architecture without Architects" we present the above, which our source at ::Adaptive Reuse says is "racing through the blogosphere faster than headlice through a kindergarten." We note that it has a shipping container and a wind turbine, hitting all the current trends. UPDATE: It is a stage set.We learn from our commenters and Adaptive Reuse that it
"is actually a set for the outdoor Theater het Amsterdam Bos. It seems so obvious in retrospect. It was designed by Catherina Scholten for the 2005 production of Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov, his early play about a disillusioned young intellectual - surprise surprise - not unlike Chekhov himself - surprise surprise - who ultimately commits suicide - surprise surprise."

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