Abilmo Pop-up Hotel Rooms: Instant Accommodation

Abilmo-construction photo

We have shown a few instant hotel room ideas before; they are big in Europe where there are a lot of festivals and a lot of people with a lot of money who need something better than a tent. Abilmo squeezes a lot of stuff into 12 Sqm, (130 SF) including a bathroom with toilet and shower, thermal and acoustic insulation, individual heating and air conditioning. It is an interesting idea- why build an entire hotel for a big event when you can just move it around?

Abilmo interior photo

It doesn't look bad inside, either, if a bit spartan.

Abilmo sitelpan

The site plan looks a little Guantánamo Bay and could use some work, but it is all real, they built it for the Le Mans races in June. Watch the video at ::Abilmo
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