£60,000 Prefab Shown In London


In the Design for Manufacture competition supported by the British government, the challenge was to build a house for under £60,000, not much of a stretch by North American standards considering land and soft costs are not included, and controversial in Britain because people thought that they might be able to buy one for that price. Critics point out that "the major issue with housing affordability is lack of land and planning restrictions. Building homes with cheaper construction methods will not address either of those concerns." However architects Sheppard Robson (Danger! Flash crazy architect site!) and developer Crest Nicholson have crafted a SIP (structural insulated panel) walled, environmentally friendly prefab with only one radiator for the entire two bedroom house, which looks like good value. It will be sold at "market rates" which in London does not mean 60,000 quid. ::Telegraph

UPDATE: MocoLoco had the patience to root around for more pictures. ::Mocoloco