A Useful and Agreeable Prefab


Those frequent fliers at travel site/mag/tv whatever Useful + Agreeable must be settling down, because they have commissioned a prefab (or is it?) from Neil Denari, who says "the u+a pre-designed mini hi-rise is not only a tightly designed house that uses every square inch of space wisely, it also attempts to express this economy in its smooth exterior surface shape, a form of industrial design at an architectural scale."


"useful + agreeable offers one option in this regard, the opportunity to purchase a pre-designed house by world-renowned architect, neil m. denari.

the u+a house is a flexible, universal product, designed for a variety of contexts and climates around the world, including: small-lot or cluster housing, remote vacation property and rooftop penthouses among other possibilities. "


"the u+a house options range from the "mini hi-rise" (pictured, 660 sq.ft - 61 m2) to "low-rise", or "high and wide" options extending up to 1800 square feet (167 m2). innovations include lightweight aerospace grade aluminum panels, solar power, rooftop patio, rain collection, flexible floorplans, plus some built-in furniture designed by nmda.

though there are elements of pre-fabrication which add quality and value, the u+a house is not strictly pre-fab. rather, it is pre-designed, and in a sense, downloadable anywhere in the world. the ideas and philosophy of the architect will be unveiled on ua.tv.

the potential purchaser can communicate with useful + agreeable by telephone or web video link, from wherever they are in the world. once specific sizing, zoning and other requirements are met, many materials are sourced locally, while others are shipped for assembly on site."

truly a useful + agreeable design product. Via ::Core77

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