A Resort Cottage to Go


Luanne DeMatto, above, at her park model home in Rhode Island; it offers "country club living," she said, without the cost. Jodi Hilton for The New York Times

The New York Times discovers "Park Model" homes, a less expensive way to get a second (or first) home. These are prefabs made by mobile home or RV manufacturers, but are limited in size to 400 square feet and are not considered permanent dwellings. They are not, as the Times says, "Called park models because they can be parked anywhere" but because they are designed to be placed in organized parks.

"It's like having a million-dollar home but at a fraction of the price,"

TreeHugger has discussed before the benefits of this type of land use; the cost of entry is far lower as the land is rented rather than purchased; there are shared resources; the density is higher. Unfortunately most park models are vinyl inside and out and built as mold bait. ::New York Times