15 Modern Sheds For the Move Home to Mom

English Sheds

Milton Studio By Cameron Scott

"No concrete was used in the foundations, the building being supported on 10 galvanised steel mini-piles which were installed by hand. The roof is also galvanised steel from South Wales. On the face of it a steel roof might not seem the obvious sustainable choice, but with a high recycled content and being light, efficient and completely recyclable, steel scores well. Interior finishes are plasterboard and birch ply." ::Milton Studio by Cameron Scott


Ullmayer Sylvester Architects designed this summerhouse as a "seasonal hideaway for a hackney-based family of four. they all needed more and safe play space as the children are growing older. the new space should serve as a painter's studio, garden shed, table tennis venue and sleep-over place. developing the somewhat neglected rear of their garden became and alternative to moving away into a larger property. ::Summerhouse by Ullmayer Sylvester Architects

The Orb

Philip Simpson "wanted something that would enhance the user's appreciation of the outdoors, from both inside and out." and sketched up the Orb (on backs of envelopes and restaurant napkins, of course.) Architect David Miller and interior design consultancy Real Studios polished it off. The Orb Has Landed


Ecospace Sheds are available in modular or "bespoke", built from sustainable timber and sit on an adjustable bearing shoe that minimizes site disturbance. We also like the green roof: "A planted green roof system is used which was developed in Germany over 25 years ago. The green roof is ecologically sound and aesthetically reduces visual impact of the studio. It is a low maintenance roof with plants well suited to cope with a full range of conditions. Species include mosses, succulents, herbaceous plants and grasses. The Bauder green roof has a high insulation performance." ::Ecospace Prefab Garden Studios


Energyspace builds "a state of the art workspace that makes a minimal or zero contribution to global climate change in every aspect of its design, construction, energy-use, and life cycle." They are super-insulated (hemp-cotton batts are an option), sited for passive solar gain but assisted by wood fired stoves and photovoltaics.

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