Modern Two Seat Bike Is Like a Paddle Boat for the Land

cojoy bicycle for two
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Images via Tuvie

Ever wanted to ride a two-seater bike where you didn't have to stare at your partner's back the whole time, or feel like you were acting out a scene of American wholesomeness from the 1950s? Well, a new design for a bike called the Cojoy has got the answer to both those setbacks--its riders sit side by side, and each controls just one wheel. One thing's for certain: this isn't your grandpa's two-seater. According to Tuvie:

Cojoy is a bicycle concept for two persons, inspired from the dual paddle boat along with an operational wheelchair, and is designed to offer sheer fun for the bicycle riders.

And sure, a paddle boat crossed with a wheelchair doesn't exactly equal "sheer fun" in everyone's book, but if you think about it, the concept could add a compelling twist to cycling.


As is the case in a paddle boat, each of the riders is responsible for turning one of the wheels, which means the cyclists would have to work together to create a rhythm and to negotiate turns:

It runs straight when two riders pedal at the same speed and when it requires to turn, the outer rider will ride faster than the inside rider. Riding this bicycle requires a good communication, cooperation and a minimum skill.

Here's a closer look at the design, which was created by Pengtao Yu:


As you can see, the seats are adjustable, and there are handles built into the harness--again with the paddle boat inspiration. Not sure how this concept would take with the cycling community, but it's an intriguing concept, and would certainly be fun to take for a spin.