Modern Nomads Living in a Traditional Yurt (Video)

Fair Companies
Video screen capture. Fair Companies

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Our sedentary and hyper-consumerist society could learn a thing or two about land-based self-sufficiency and thrift from the world's pastoral peoples. Though there's plenty of designer mobile homes available out there, Bulgarian-born, Netherlands-based Boyan is a "modern nomad" who has chosen to live out of a traditional Mongolian-style yurt set up on a friend's farm. Our friends over at Fair Companies took a video tour of the inside, revealing a 21-square-meter interior that is warm and efficient, yet roomy enough for the professional street artist and his partner.

According to Fair Companies, Boyan’s yurt (specifically, "ger" which means "home" in Mongolian) was made by Mongolians back in Mongolia for Dutch company Nooitmeerhaast (or “never hurry” in Dutch). This typology dates back thousands of years and is well-suited to extremely cold climates, and these original ger -- like Boyan's -- differ from the more highly-engineered yurt derivations of North America which use high-tech materials and take days to assemble and disassemble, instead of a few hours.

But there's more to the ger than meets the eye; there's a lot of symbolism in its traditional use. The hearth is the center of the ger and symbolizes ties with the family’s ancestors. The ger's interior is seen as a microcosm of the universe, for home for the nomads is where the hearth is, no matter where they travel. The interior space and its use was divided up between the male realm to the west and female to the east.

As a modern nomad living in a world that believes bigger and more is always better, Boyan has this to say:

Sometimes I think people like to live in bigger and bigger houses with smaller and smaller families, somehow to hide, not so much from the outside world but to hide from themselves. And somehow it does not really work. So why not a small place?
[..] I heard once someone say that we suffer not from what we don't have, but mostly from what we have. At present all my belongings fit in a small trailer and I just love this.

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