Mobile App Takes Coupon Clipping Paperless...Sort Of

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Clipping coupons is an appealing idea when you're trying to save money, but what if you're also trying to be green and avoid using paper? If you've skipped getting the newspaper or signed on to the no-junk-mail list, then you might miss out on quite a few opportunities. You can capture at least a few of them with a mobile app called Coupon Sherpa. The app basically puts a bunch of coupon options on your iPhone. You can pull up the coupon on your phone and show it to the check-out person, skipping the whole paper process.

The downer about the app is it's limited to about 120 stores, and they're all major chain stores. So it's not like you could also have3rd Whale's appon your phone, use it to find a green store, and then hunt for a coupon for that store.

The cool part about this is the idea that coupons can be so easily paperless, and that helps us cut down a bit on paper use. But unfortunately, it's not an ideal app by any means because of its narrow scope of stores. However, if you do want to try it out, it's free in the iTunes store through Earth Day in honor of the event.