Father's Day Gift Guide

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Is your dad’s closet overflowing with neckties from Father’s Days past? Is he running out of places in the garage to store chainsaws and power drills? Think outside of the cologne-and-cufflink-filled box by considering these 10 Treehugger-approved Father's Day gift ideas that are on the distinctive side but also sport plenty of broad dad-appeal. After all, how can you go wrong with a dozen golf balls and a nice pair of slip-on shoes?

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For dads who don’t want to look a day over, err, 35:

Tub of Arcona men clarity aftershave wipes

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Arcona Men Restore ($35); Arcona Men Overtime ($42); Arcona Men Resolve ($24)

Whether dad has some serious space invested in the family medicine cabinet or if he’s just a simple Old Spice and talc powder kind of guy, he’ll appreciate Arcona’s line of natural men’s grooming products that will leave his skin with a radiant (yet totally manly) glow without hurting the planet in the process. Free of parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances and other toxic ingredients, Restore firms skin and erases wrinkles; Overtime reverses signs of aging while poppa sleeps; and Resolve takes the ouch out of razor burn.

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For dads who are constantly on their feet and in style:

Creede slip on shoe

North Face

North Face Creede Canvas Slip-Ons ($85)

Do shoes make the man? If your dad is handsome yet rugged, sophisticated yet tough as nails, he’s found his match with The North Face’s Creede slip-on. This shoe, appropriate for both urban ambles and countryside constitutionals, boasts some serious eco-footwear cred: a cotton canvas upper, polyester lining infused with bamboo charcoal to keep sweat and stink at bay, a partially recycled EVA footliner, 40 percent recycled rubber outsole and an EVA/cork midsole.

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For dads who want to start using reusable bags but don’t quite know how:

Resuable shopping bag filled with groceries

Reusable Bags

ACME Bags Workhorse ($5.95)

Okay, so a reusable bag may not be the most Dad-centric gift but with a moniker like the “Workhorse” how can you go wrong? The fair labor/fair wage-made Workhouse is simple (no logos, zippers, secret pockets or floral prints), strong (it holds over 25 pounds) lightweight (1.5 ounces of rip-stop nylon), discreet (it folds into a tiny, pocket-sized pouch) and comes in a non-flashy, Dad-approved color: Black. Or go with Burnt Orange, Cranberry Red or Moroccan Blue if he’s feeling bold. Just don’t call it a murse.

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For dads who doodle or keep diaries. Or just attend a lot of business meetings:

Stack of three moleskine notebooks on a table

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Moleskine Folio Collection ($27-$43)

Many of us think of our dads as being larger than life so why restrict them to a pint-sized notebook? Moleskine, the renowned Italian notebook maker with a serious artistic and literary pedigree (Hemingway, Matisse, Wilde and Van Gogh all used Moleskine-esque notebooks) have decided to go big -- 8.25 x 11.75 inches and 11.75 x 16.5 inches -- as well as green with the Folio Collection, a range of A4 or A3-sized notebooks, watercolor albums and portfolios containing top-quality, acid-free Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper.

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For dads with travel in their hearts (and cash in their wallets):

Open mighty wallet with credit cards and cash

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Mighty NYC Subway Map Wallet ($15), That’s Mine Luggage Tag ($10),

Passport Luggage Tag ($10)

Does your dad have a bad habit of misplacing his wallet and/or luggage while on vacation? Ours sure does (love you Dad!) With Dynomighty’s eye-catching Mighty NYC Subway Map Wallet, That’s Mine Luggage Tag or Passport Luggage Tag your travel-dazed dad will surely never lose sight of his valuables again. Designed by Terrence Kellemen, durable Dynomighty luggage tags and wallets are made from 100 percent recyclable Tyvek (aka high density polyethylene) that comes from 25 percent recycled milk and water containers. They’re also printed with eco-friendly inks. Don’t let dad leave home -- or the country -- with out ‘em.

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For dads who need headgear for trips to the Outback. Or the backyard:

REI explorer hat product shot


REI Explorer Hat ($34.95)

Okay, so your daddy’s dreams of going on an African safari might not ever come true but that doesn’t mean he can’t dress the part. The organic cotton Explorer Hat from the REI ecoSensitive collection may scream safari but it also fits the sartorial needs of backyard bird watching expeditions, lazy days fishing on the lake and zesty nature hikes through his favorite state park. Available in gunmetal (pictured) and khaki and in sizes small through XL.

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For dads who like their weekday morning coffee piping hot and their weekend refreshments ice-cold:

Klean kanteen insulated sitting on a counter

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Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottles ($22.95 - $27.95)

Help wean dad off of his disposable coffee cup addiction while supporting his caffeine cravings with a BPA-free, 18/8 stainless steel bottle that will keep his “lifeblood” (aka morning cup of joe) hot for up to six hours: the Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottle. And on weekends when dad’s partaking on thirst-inducing outdoor adventures like hiking, biking or mowing the lawn, the Wide Insulated will keep cold beverages nice and chilly for up to 24 hours. Available in 12, 16 and 20 ounce sizes.

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For dads who enjoy spending time on the weekend with the family. And with A Prairie Home Companion:

Magno wooden radio sitting on a counter

Putu Sayoga / Getty Images 

Areaware Magno Medium Radio ($250)

If dad’s more of an NPR than iTunes kind of guy, he’ll probably dig the Magno Medium Radio designed by Singgih Kartono for Areaware. This sleek, retro-styled AM/FM beauty (probably best not used in the garage or workshop) is handcrafted in an Indonesian village from sustainably harvested new growth wood. For every tree that’s used in production, a new one is planted. And if dad’s hip to all that newfangled music technology, it’s also MP3 compatible.

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For dads prone to saying strange things like “bogey,” “gimme” and “double eagle”:

Boxes of Dixon Earth golf balls

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Dixon Earth Eco-Distance Golf Balls ($19.99/1 dozen)

There’s no better way to bond with dad on Father’s Day than spending a tedious an exciting afternoon playing 18 holes on his favorite golf course. If you were born a hacker or would rather not submit to caddying for the day, you can still score a hole in one by presenting him with Dixon Earth Eco-Distance Golf Balls, a high-performance “green” golf ball that eschews polluting heavy metals like lead, tungsten and cobalt and is completely recyclable ... provided it doesn’t end up in a water hazard.