MIT's Mini Cheetah Robots Just Want to Have Fun

You may have seen some of Boston Dynamics' very life-like robots before. These days, students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are getting in on the fun.

The MIT Biomimetics Department posted the video above of nine Mini Cheetah robots playing and dancing outside together.

While you may get a "Black Mirror"/"Terminator" vibe from watching these machines come to life, hearing the voices of the students operating them certainly helps.

The video shows just how far we've come in robotics. These smaller machines move fluidly and can perform various tasks like running at 5 mph, jumping, playing soccer, dancing and backflipping in coordination.

MIT plans to build more of these 20-pound robots and lend them out for research projects.

The hope is that students and researchers will develop machines that can help people in situations where human intervention may be too dangerous or risky.