Shimmering Community Quilt of 6,000 Recycled CDs Woven in Bulgaria (Video)

©. Bignatov Studio/ Boris Ignatov via Youtube

We have seen impressive art installations made from recycled CDs before, but Bulgarian and NYC-based Bignatov Studio envisioned and executed this simple but stunning work as a community art project, which was recently realized with the help of 128 volunteers in Varna, Bulgaria.

Created to support Varna's bid as European Capital of Culture in 2019, the piece -- titled "Mirror Culture" -- consists of over 6,000 recycled CDs that have been attached by hand to a custom-made fishing net. Suspended in the middle of a popular public space in the city, the installation seemed to billow and shimmer with each breath of the wind, creating rainbow refractions of light that made this outdoor space come alive.

Too often do artists and designers work in solitary and idealized isolation; yet, a strong sense of community can be a key to happiness, and this project brings the crucial aspect of collective collaboration into full light. More over at Design Milk and Bignatov Studio.