Miracle Puppy Rescued From Rubble in Bahamas

Miracle dog rescue Bahamas CROP FOR SOCIAL. Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Trapped in the debris after Hurricane Dorian barreled through the Bahamas, one brown puppy didn't stop fighting. He was starving and dehydrated, buried under a broken air conditioner. He survived for about three weeks, likely by living on rainwater. So it's fitting that when rescuers found him, they named him Miracle.

Rescuers from Florida's Big Dog Ranch Rescue were on Great Abaco, the island hardest hit by the Category 5 hurricane, searching for dogs trapped in the storm. Using a drone equipped with infrared detection technology, they spotted the year-old, mixed breed pup. Rescue workers had missed him, likely because he was too weak to make any noise.

He was emaciated and couldn't walk, but he greeted rescuers with a wagging tail and was very happy to enjoy a meal.

"What an incredible story that we were able to discover this dog alive after being trapped for so long," said Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder and President Lauree Simmons in a statement. "We are using the latest technology for our recovery teams to locate these animals. In this case drones played a key role."

Miracle gives hope

This aerial view shows damage caused by Hurricane Dorian on Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The rescue has saved 138 dogs in the Bahamas in the wake of the hurricane. Some were reunited with their owners. Others were brought to shelters in the Bahamas or to the rescue's facility in Florida for adoption.

Miracle lost almost half of his body weight, so he is eating small meals every couple of hours. He is being closely monitored by the rescue's medical team and is expected to need a lot of physical therapy, the rescue posted on Facebook.

Unless Miracle is reclaimed by his owners, he eventually will be up for adoption. Somewhere around 10,000 people have asked about him, Simmons told the "Today" show.

"It's hope for the people that have been through so much over there knowing that miracles do happen," she said.