Minneapolis Mayor Launches a Meatless Monday Supper Club

Gnarly, Hairy Carrots

Benilover / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

The monthly vegetarian gathering will also host policy makers to discuss various aspects of climate change.

While some angry voices may still be harping on about the 'elitism' of plant-based advocacy, the rapid pace at which we're approaching climate catastrophe—a catastrophe that will hit the poor hardest—would suggest we should all be doing more to curb our missions and live a little cleaner.

Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis, gets it. And he doesn't seem to be afraid of getting hammered with the elitist label either. VegNews reports that having already issued a declaration encouraging more plant-centric eating, the Mayor has now partnered up with a local vegetarian restaurant Fig & Farro to host a series of Meatless Monday gatherings.

This isn't just about eating more tofu. The Climate Series Salon and Supper Club will also feature policy experts and environmental influencers who, together, will begin putting some meat on the bones (sorry) of the Mayor's declarations, and start exploring how Minneapolis can actually thrive sustainably in a warming world.

According to the Fig & Farro Facebook page, the next event is scheduled for November 5th—with details of programming to follow. Stay tuned...