Mikrohus: A Scandinavian Style Tiny Home For Minimalist Living

The minimalism movement inspired this woman to move into a tiny house.

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson interior

Ida Johansson

There is a growing awareness of how our seemingly insignificant personal life choices can have potent and larger-than-life ripple effects on the people and the interconnected ecosystems all around us. So it's no surprise that interest in minimalism, small space living, and other less carbon-intensive lifestyles has exploded during the last few years. From North America to Europe, to Australia and Japan, these intertwined currents are making their mark and changing lives for the better.

Swedish-born Ida Johansson is one woman whose life changed dramatically after watching the acclaimed Minimalism documentary. Realizing that she wanted to live a simpler life surrounded by nature, rather than living in a drab city apartment with cars parked right in front, Johansson decided to start building a tiny house of her own, with the help of a friend.

But in the hopes of finishing the project faster, she soon decided to hire the help of Norwegian tiny house company Norske Mikrohus. Within four months, Johansson's tiny house was completed, and she was able to relocate to a friend's farm in the southern part of Norway with it, where she now lives with her cat, Teo.

It's a tiny house that has a truly soothing atmosphere, as we can see in this video tour by Johansson:

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house exterior
 Robin Mathisen

Johansson's 236-square-foot tiny house measures approximately 24 feet long and 8 feet wide, and cost about $109,990 to build. The aesthetic leans toward a modern farmhouse style, and the color palette is overwhelmingly pale grays and whites that are warmed up by the natural textures of wood, lending the home a distinctly Scandinavian-inspired feel.

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house interior
 Max Manuelson

The living room is quite spacious, as it has no secondary loft, and therefore makes use of the full height of the ceiling. Plenty of windows here and the diaphanous curtains were sewn by Johansson herself, helping add a bit of softness to the room. The convertible sofa occupies one end of the tiny house, and it features a lot of storage that is hidden underneath and on the sides, plus integrated USB charging ports. The multifunctional sofa can also pull out and extend to create a guest bed.

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson living room
Ida Johansson

Nearby we have a table that can conveniently fold down to create more space when needed, with the first step on the staircase serving as an extra seat. As Johansson explains in an interview:

"Every centimeter is well thought out and adapted for tiny living here. Storage, sleeping space, kitchen and bathroom—everything is designed for functionality and smart solutions. Before buying a tiny house, it’s good to talk to professionals who know how to optimize the space. I have learned so much about scaling down and still make it feel like home. I truly enjoy combining this with practical solutions."
Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson folding table
Ida Johansson

Over in the kitchen, we have plenty of storage for food and utensils in the drawers and on the walls. We love the rustic plate rack that stores and also displays dishes at the same time.

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson
 Ida Johansson

Across from the kitchen counter, we have the multifunctional staircase that has storage space integrated underneath each tread, including a cat-shaped cubby for Teo's litter box.

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson storage in stairs
Ida Johansson

Higher up the staircase, we have the refrigerator hidden within one section, and two small closets for Johansson's clothes, some of which she swaps out depending on the season, as winter clothes are bulkier and take up more space. Johansson offers this sage advice when it comes to tiny closets: use thinner metal hangers, and you can double the number of clothing pieces you can hang up!

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson closet
Ida Johansson

The sleeping loft above has windows on both sides, and a small shelf where Johansson keeps her cookbooks, and where Teo likes to perch watchfully.

Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson sleeping loft
Ida Johansson

In the bathroom, there is a small sink and vanity, a shower, and an incinerating toilet from Cinderella. Johansson chose this option as it's water-free and tidier than a composting toilet, and maintenance is minimal, requiring her to empty out a cup of ashes only once or twice a month.

She says:

"I was skeptical at first about the idea of not having a regular flush toilet. In the installation process it had to be serviced, but I got to borrow a toilet in the meantime and now, with everything installed, I am very happy. The heat from the incineration also ensures that I always have a warm toilet seat, and that is a very comfortable luxury!"
Mikrohus 4 Seasons tiny house Ida Johansson bathroom
Ida Johansson & Robin Mathisen

Having lived in her tiny house for over a year now, Johansson says that she's very happy with the way things have turned out, and hopes to inspire others to do the same:

"I never thought I would enjoy living so minimalistically. [..] Those who are considering a tiny house must think carefully about what to get rid of, and to choose only what is essential in everyday life. Ask yourself: what is important in order to create a good home? Living sustainably has given me new priorities in life that I enjoy very much."

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