Mike Tyson's Tiger Removed From Indiana Tattoo Parlor

A white Bengal tiger similar to the one taken from an Indiana tattoo parlor on Thursday. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Where in the world is Mike Tyson's tiger? It's not hanging out in a swank hotel suite in Vegas, and it's definitely no longer being kept in a Gary, Indiana tattoo parlor. The white Bengal, 'Storm', was confiscated along with three other tigers and taken to an undisclosed USDA-licensed sanctuary, according to NBC Chicago.

Tyson sold the tiger to tattooist Roy Cooper, who was keeping the four exotic animals in cages behind his tattoo shop. Though friends of Cooper claim the tigers were well cared for, USDA investigators report that the cats were underweight, lethargic and unresponsive.

"They were perfectly healthy. The only thing that was unhealthy was how they tranquilized them and took them out of here," Cooper's friend, Mike Pollack, told NBC Chicago.

Before declaring bankruptcy in 2003, Tyson reportedly spent $4,000 monthly to care for his three white Bengal tigers, but has since moved on to pets that are far less expensive to maintain.

In 2005, Tyson talked to USA Today about his love for the pigeons that he now breeds. But according to Cooper, who claims to have inked Tyson's infamous facial tattoo, Tyson still deals in the exotic and rare white tigers.

Tyson's love for tigers was a major plot point in the popular 2009 comedy 'The Hangover', which featured Tyson (as himself) retrieving a beloved tiger taken from his home during a wild bachelor party romp through Las Vegas.