Microtopia Documentary Explores Tiny Houses, Micro-Dwellings, Off-Grid and Minimalist Living

©. Solaris Film

Tiny houses are a popular topic here on TreeHugger, and with good reason. Many of us live in houses that are way too big for our needs, and which cause us to commit a large portion of our money and resources to simply maintaining the status quo. Downsizing to a tiny house can be a way of living more sustainably, with less stress on our finances and on the environment, and help us to pare down our lifestyle to something more appropriate and focused on the essentials, instead of accumulating more stuff that can end up weighing us down.

The trend of wanting to make the move to smaller houses, tiny houses, portable houses, and to live with less stuff, isn't unique to the tiny house crowd, and this documentary features some of the leading thinkers and designers of that movement, including tiny house pioneer Jay Shafer.

The Microtopia documentary, from director Jesper Wachtmeister and his team at Solaris Film, explores the ideas of moving toward a more reasonable and appropriate approach to lower-impact living, especially in a world that's increasingly focused on mobile and portable solutions.

"Microtopia explores how architects, artists and ordinary problem-solvers are pushing the limits to find answers to their dreams of portability, flexibility – and of creating independence from “the grid”. Modern nomads, homeless people, people in stress, people in need of privacy or seclusion. We hear about the personal reasons behind the dwellings, and to see how they actually work. On the sidewalk, on rooftops, in industrial landscapes and in nature we will see and feel how these abodes meet the dreams set up by their creators. Microtopia deals with a contemporary urgent ideas that are addressed, and solved, in a very surprising way."

Microtopia is currently only available as a video-on-demand rental from Vimeo, at the cost of $3.99. Unfortunately, though the film is available to audiences in over 200 countries, it isn't yet available for US viewers.