Bike Towable Micro Camper That Sleeps Two Now on Sale (Video)

Sign at a campsite that says "bicycle camping only" with a bike in the background

Richard Masoner / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

When Derek introduced the Wide Path Camper to TreeHugger readers last year, he told us all the reasons why it will never work. We still want one though...and now you can actually get it!

This clever camper folds up, with the back end nesting over the front end in towing mode. Unfolded, it measures 8 1/2 feet long (2.6 m) and just under 3 1/4 feet tall (99 cm). At 100 pounds (45 kg), it will take two people to haul it up stairs to an apartment between trips and will be better served for sight-seeing through flat expanses than in the foothills or mountains. But at least that is a weight and size that can conceivably serve its intended purpose, perhaps with some electric assist if needed.

Most importantly, the Wide Path Camper has a huge advantage over most of the micro-camper prototypes, super-light shelters, and one-off bicycle homes: it is available for purchase.

Wide Path Camper is now taking pre-orders, with the promise of delivery by 1 July 2015 if you place your order now. One camper costs 2000 Euros ($2200) and options run from 50€ for an extra bicycle attachment to 600€ for solar panels. A paint job is available as well, but the customization adds steeply to the price.

According to their facebook page, Wide Path Camper will ship to customers in America and will look into shipping costs to any location from whence they get an order.

If you still don't believe it and need the Missouri treatment (show-me), here is a video of the Wide Path Camper in action: