Michelle A. Rivera



Animal Rights


Palm Beach State College


Michelle A. Rivera is a lifelong advocate for animal well-being and a Florida-certified animal cruelty officer. She is the author of six books about the human-dog connection.


Michelle has decades of experience in animal advocacy. As the founder of Animals 101, Inc., which she ran between 2001 and 2013, Michelle has provided education about the humane treatment of animals at schools and other locations throughout South Florida.

Michelle has worked as an Animal Cruelty Humane Officer at the Safe Harbor Animal Rescue and a Humane Education Director at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue. She served on the board of directors for the Association of Professional Humane Educators,

Michelle has written several books about dogs and the services and comfort they provide humans. Her writing includes Don't Give Up That Dog!: Dealing With Dog Allergies and On Dogs and Dying: Inspirational Stories from Hospice Hounds.


Michelle Rivers has an A.A. in Paralegal Studies from Palm Beach State College and is a state-certified cruelty officer.

Awards and Publications

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