Mexico Navy Announces Frida the Rescue Dog Is Retiring

©. Frida the rescue dog. Photo: RONALDO SCHEMIDT/AFP/Getty Images

The heroic lab saved 12 lives and recovered 41 bodies during her career as a search and rescue dog.

"Our dear labrador Frida is starting a new era," said Deputy Naval Minister Eduardo Redondo on Monday, June 24 as he announced the retirement of the world's favorite rescue dog. "Frida stole the heart of all Mexico and thousands more abroad... Her bark always gave hope, and in moments of pain and uncertainty she brought relief."

Indeed, this canine ambassador of goodness ... one with an expertly-tuned sense of smell ... won the hearts of many while she worked disaster scenes from the earthquakes in Haiti and Ecuador in 2010 and 2016, to an explosion at the Pemex headquarters in 2013 and maybe most famously, Mexico's devastating 2017 earthquake, according to the Associated Press.

Donning her trademark goggles and booties, Frida saved 12 people's lives and recovered 41 bodies during her decade of service.

So beloved is dear Frida, she inspired at least one mural in Mexico City.

Frida rescue dog


But all good jobs must come to an end, and thus Frida was officially retired at a ceremony at the canine unit of the Mexican marines.

"Frida's handlers removed her famous mask and booties at the ceremony," writes the AP, "and she received a chew toy as a symbol of her new life in retirement."

That's a very good girl, Frida. May your retirement be long and fulfilling, filled with frolicking and belly rubs and all the good things.