Merman Hair: More Proof That Guys Like Flair Too

Mermen hair is colorful and fun. . (Photo: Image authors identified in captions below.)

Hot on the heels of last summer's flower beards and Christmas' deck-your-beard, this summer it's merman locks — proving that dudes like to have fun with their hair, too. This fun, temporary trend is mostly limited to younger guys (with exceptions, of course), but it's embraced by men of all races and classes. I found plenty of suburban and country guys rocking the look, as well as some urbanites.

Below, some of the amazing variety of merman hair, which can be bright or pastel, multicolored or monotone, full-head-and-beard or just one or the other. Mostly the tones are kept in the pink-purple-blue-green range, though sometimes reds and oranges join the fun.

A man with blue hair and beard.
And a beard too!. (Photo: iamnotworried/Instagram)

I call this dude Bluebeard (how can you not?) His color is extremely Smurfy, but he still calls himself a merman.

Multicolored hair from blue to purple.
Layering the colors is a great idea. Once the top of a merman look washes out, the tones beneath remain. (Photo: Pinksnowangel/Instagram)

This needn't be a one-time look. One can merman-it-up for months by re-dyeing or layering colors over fading colors.

A subtle merman hairdo.
Merman hair can be subtle, like this example. (Photo: Erichavez3704/Instagram)

Some merman hair looks can be relatively sober-looking, with just a peek of color glinting out. The fellow above went with the whole theme, creating a lovely wave for his merman locks to ride.

A light-lavender merman look.
A light touch on the trend. (Photo: Looochp/Instagram)

And the color doesn't have to be intense. If you leave the hair color on for just a few minutes, you can achieve a pastel color for a mellow merman style.

A man with pink hair and beard.
Accessorizing with white is a great way to offset the merman colors. (Photo: Rnyvillalobos/Instagram)

Pink is a surprisingly common merman color. (Hey, it's flattering on a huge variety of skin tones!)

A group of four men with alternately dyed hair and beards.
What's a group of guys with merman hair called?. (Photo: trueconfessions.styleco/Instagram)

These mermen how diverse the look can be: matching beard and hair, differently colored hair and beard, eyebrow colors, pastels and brights. They all work.

A man with a bright blue beard and lavender hair.
Tones and colors to mix and match. (Photo: Thedanalavoix/Instagram)

From all these examples, you can see that you can make the merman hair-and-beard combo whatever you like! It's all about having fun with color and style.