Merlin Matthews on Re-Cycle

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Warren posted about, a British organization that collects old bicycles and ships them to Africa. The Guardian interviews founder Merlin Matthews, in another of its wonderful features, Good Lives- People making a Difference. "A Haitian woman asked me how you would go about setting up a factory for bikes there, and that was when I started thinking. It struck me that there were loads of old bikes rusting away in sheds or chained to railings all over the place: you can't really sell a knackered second-hand bike, and even an absolute muppet doesn't want to just throw it away, so people hang on to them. I was already fed up with the greedy short-term socio-political bloody mess all over the world, and fixing and shipping bikes from the UK to other countries seemed like a way of stopping waste and helping people." ::Guardian

The Guardian has a good idea here. Do you know any people making a green, sustainable difference? Let us know.