Mellow Out With Customizable Nature Sounds on Your iPhone

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Image via Custom Sounds of Nature app

Scientists say that keeping in touch with nature makes us nicer people. We're more relaxed, more mellow, just plain old happier. Even if it's just a photo...or perhaps a customizable iPhone app that creates a melody of nature sounds exactly as you want to hear them. A little more stream, a little less bullfrog? No problem. With the Custom Sounds of Nature app (iTunes store) you can choose Calm Ocean if you tend to prefer waves, seagulls and fog horns, or Mountain Stream if you're more partial to crickets, babbling brooks, and bullfrogs.

Just keep customizing until you hit the right sounds that make you most mellow, then plug in your ear buds, and simply enjoy the meditative music of nature. You'll come out happier, nicer, and just thaaaat much more connected to Mother Nature and less prone to nature deficit disorder. Also, if you're using this as a way to fall asleep, you can set a timer that will automatically shut your application off (slowly fading the sound) so you don't drain the battery.

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The app is free - or $0.99 for a version with extra types of sounds, including thunder storms, rain forest, under the ocean and others. Geeez, just thinking about the soundscapes is relaxing!