Meijer Launches Wind Turbine Project

Not only is Meijer investing in wind power, but it's also investing in local wind power. (Photo: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock)

Michigan-based Meijer has announced plans to begin installing wind turbines on many of the company’s facilities. This is just the latest step in the company’s sustainability goals. The first set of six turbines will be installed on the company’s corporate headquarters in Walker, Mich. Plans are in place to install turbines at Meijer stores in Grand Haven and Norton Shores, Michigan but not timeline has been set for this expansion.

“The wind turbines are being manufactured by locally-based Cascade Engineering and should be installed within the next 45 days.” By sourcing the products locally, this cuts down on the carbon footprint of transporting the turbines. Source: Meijer

Meijer Store 233 in Allen Park, Mich., is LEED Silver certified and stores in Muskegon and Birch Run Township, Mich., are registered projects with the U.S. Green Building Council. The two new Meijer buildings are pursuing certification under the LEED for New Construction 2.2 rating system.