130 MegaWatt Wind Park for Turkey

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A new, 130-megawatt wind power project is to be built in southeastern Turkey. It will more than double the country’s installed wind capacity. The wind park will feature 52 wind turbines built by GE, each rated at 2.5 megawatts. This will be the largest wind power project to date in Turkey. The project’s estimated annual electricity production of 500 million kilowatt-hours will be purchased by independent power consumers. Interest in wind-generated electricity has been increasing in Turkey.
According to the European Wind Energy Association, the country had 84 megawatts of installed wind capacity at the beginning of 2007, an increase of 65 megawatts from the start of 2006.

The 2.5xl wind turbines will be manufactured at GE Energy’s facilities in Salzbergen, Germany and Noblejas, Spain and shipped to the project site for installation beginning in March of 2008.

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