Meet the Cats That Rule Facebook

It's an undisputed fact that cats rule the Internet, but when it comes to famous felines, they don't wield equal power across social media. Maru, the master of boxes, reigns supreme on YouTube, while Nala cat has the greatest Instagram following and Sockington rules Twitter.

But which kitties have amassed the most likes on the world's most popular social network? Meet the most "liked" cats on Facebook.

Grumpy Cat Facebook page
 GrumpyCat / Facebook

1. Grumpy Cat

Tardar Sauce — yes, that's her real name — rose to fame after her photo was posted on Reddit, and since then the frowning feline has starred in a Lifetime movie and launched a line of coffee. Although she has a permanent frown due to her underbite, Grumpy Cat's owner says she's really not that cranky.

Lil Bub Facebook page
 Lil Bub Facebook 

2. Lil Bub

Coming in at number two is Lil Bub, a "perma-kitten" who's starred in her own movie and fronted a PETA campaign. With her short limbs, mismatched jaw and missing teeth, Lil Bub's owner calls his special kitty "one of nature's happy accidents."

Nala Cat Facebook page
 Nala Cat Facebook

3. Nala Cat

This wide-eyed tabby-Siamese mix is famous for one very important reason: She's incredibly cute. Adopted from a shelter as a kitten, Nala rose to Internet fame and today has nearly 2 million Instagram followers.

Cooper cat Facebook page
 Cooper Photographer Cat / Facebook

4. Cooper the Photographer Cat

Cooper was just your regular adorable tabby cat until his owners attached a tiny camera to his collar and discovered that he had an eye for art. Now, Cooper dons his kitty camera once a month as he roams the outdoors, snapping photos every two minutes. He even has his very own kitty photography book.

Colonel Meow Facebook page
 Colonel Meow Facebook

5. Colonel Meow

The late feline evil genius rose to Internet fame after his owners shared photos of his "epic frown" on Facebook and Instagram. Colonel Meow was known for loving scotch and hating dogs, and he briefly held the world record for longest fur on a cat.

Sam has eyebrows Facebook page
 Sam has eyebrows Facebook

6. Sam the Cat with Eyebrows

With his unusual forehead markings, Sam has one of the most expressive feline faces, and it's amassed him thousands of followers across several social networks. But he's not the only kitty with funny facial hair.

Venus cat with two faces Facebook page
 Venus the Chimera Cat / Facebook

7. Venus the Chimera Cat

Venus' "two-faced" appearance is likely caused by her cells containing two types of DNA, which occurs when two embryos fuse together. Her unusual look has earned her the nickname "chimera cat" and even inspired the creation of her very own plush toy.

Pudge the cat Facebook page
 Pudge the cat Facebook

8. Pudge

She may have a mustache, but Pudge is quick to point out that she's all-girl. The rescue kitty lives in Minneapolis where she spends her days napping, munching on treats, and chewing sticks.

Sockington Facebook page
 Sockington Facebook

9. Sockington

This rescue cat frequently shares details about his famous feline life with his more than 1 million Twitter followers. Often, Sockington's tweets are about his quest for fish, and his audience — known as the "Army of Sock" — can't get enough of it.

Bob the cat Facebook page
A Street Cat Named Bob / Facebook

10. A Street Cat Named Bob

Bob may be the star of a bestselling book, but he hasn't forgotten his street-cat roots. He was a tiny flea-covered kitten when James Bowen, a recovering heroin addict, found him, and the tabby cat helped Bowen turn his life around in a real-life rags-to-riches story.

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