Mechabolic: The Ultimate Trash-To-Fuel Land Speed Racer Slug

the mechabolic
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The brainchild of Jim Mason, Dann Davis and a team of eco-oriented artists, the Mechabolic really defies easy convention. In their words:

" The Mechabolic project is a large-scale bio-imitative installation of hydrocarbon based fuel production, transformation and consumption. Our goal is to create a fantastical, bio-machine hybrid environment --a burlesque of the "synthetic metabolism" of machines-- recasting internal combustion engines and petroleum fuels as their parallel animal organs and plant generated carbohydrate foods."
the mechabolic model

Once completed, this slug-like structure will measure 120 feet and will be able to convert trash into fuel through gasification, anaerobic digestion and Fischer Tropsch liquification. It will slowly move across the playa in search of waste biomass trash — powered by some of the fuel it produces — and will allow participants to walk through its innards and donate their own trash for the fuel making effort.

the mechabolic model

The artists plan on deploying their creation at this year's Burning Man festival. Their ultimate goal: create a future vision of the (in their words again) "pump n' munch" road side gas station/diner where, "artcars congregate to fill up on coffee grounds, chipped wood and pelletized trash, while people stroll through fuel making biological organs, and lounge in a rather unlikely V-8 powered, fire spewing, carbon sequestering, lung shaped terrarium- filled with orchids, ferns, terra preta bio-char, and you." We're sold.

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