6 Meat-Based Beverages Sure to Make You Queasy

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As everybody knows, one of the greatest pitfalls of living a carnivorous lifestyle has always been the limited selection of meat-based beverages available to consumers -- but that hasn't stopped folks from trying to come up with the perfect meaty drink. Although the cup or glass is generally thought of as vegetarian stronghold on the dinner table, the notion of using animals to make refreshments isn't really that new at all.Cheeseburger Cocktail
Sure to inspire cringes from vegetarians and animal-lovers alike, this cocktail (pictured above) was created by a Toronto based a cocktail consultancy for a contest in honor of National Sandwich day, the New York Daily News reported last week. It is composed tomatoes, chedder crisp, pickles, and most importantly, reduced beef stock.

"Carnivorous cocktails are becoming the meat lover's libation," says its creator, Trevor Burris. When it comes to pairing the cocktail with a meal, it's no surprise that more meat is recommend. "It's one of those cocktails you would indulge in if you were eating steak and fries."

Peruvian Frog Juice

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A drink found in Peruvian marketplaces, this juice is prepared by simply dropping frogs into a blender, creating a thick, starchy beverage thought to have medicinal qualities. Usually, the living frogs will be selected by the customer from an aquarium, beaten unconscious, and skinned before being liquefied. Some frog juice connoisseurs swear that the drink can cure respiratory illnesses and even increase sexual stamina -- earning it the nickname "Peruvian Viagra."

Deer Penis Wine

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Don't let the name fool you, this drink is actually made from -- wait, it's just a deer penis soaking in wine. This bizarre beverage from China is believed to serve as a remedy for sports related injuries. The drink, which reportedly tastes quite bad, was banned from being consumed by athletes during the 2008 Beijing Olympic games -- but not for the reason you may think. The Penis wine is thought to contain herbal ephedrine, a substance which can disqualify an athlete if found in their system.

Baby Mice Wine

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Sometimes taking the life of a single animal is not enough to quench the thirst -- which may be the reason Baby Mice wine was invented. This Korean beverage is made by drowning dozens of newborn rodents in a vat of rice wine then letting it mature for a few years. According to tradition, it is important that the baby mice be only two days old before being bottled; it is believed that if the animals' eyes are open, it will 'poison' the drink. It is said to have a horrible taste and foul odor -- unsurprisingly, I might add.

Snake Blood

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Snake blood, in some Asian cultures, is thought to increase sexual prowess, stave off hair-loss, and cure farsightedness. It is prepared by slicing the snake's body and draining the blood directly into a glass. This centuries-old beverage is served by itself or mixed with alcohol.

Bird's Nest Soda

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Although producing this beverage doesn't necessarily require an animal to be killed, it does threaten to make birds homeless. Bird's nest soda is composed of a special type of adhesive saliva that some swallow species use to secure their nests to the walls of cliffs and caves. The drink is said to be good for the complexion and to help maintain a feeling of well-being, although it reportedly tastes a bit like snot.