McDonald’s Is Testing Energy Efficiency Products

Energy-saving technology could soon be in a number of McDonald's around the world, like this location in Hong Kong. (Photo: Martin Lewison [CC by SA-2.0]/Flickr)

McDonald’s has already joined the ranks of elite green builders with its LEED Gold certified restaurant in Savannah, Georgia (certified in 2005) and its membership in the LEED Retail Pilot Program. The company is now preparing to test new energy efficiency products from Chandler, Arizona-based Engenuity Systems Inc.

“The equipment McDonald's will use includes devices to shut off lights either at a certain time of day or when buildings aren't occupied. The system also includes heating and air conditioning equipment that monitors temperatures and schedules controls within the restaurants.” Source: AZCentral

Oddly enough, the first markets using the test products are located outside of the United States. Right now, locations in Hong Kong and Korea have the systems installed and plans are in place to begin testing in France and Brazil. There are no concrete plans for expanding the test into U.S.-based markets but Engenuity hopes to see their products used in McDonald’s locations around the world by the end of the year.