Massive Factory Farms Could Put 100s of Farmers Out of Business

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From dairy calves being bludgeoned in the head to the shocking treatment of baby chickens, we know that industrial-scale farming carries with it grave risks. That's why campaigners in the UK have been fighting hard to stop what they see as US-style mega-farms from gaining a foothold. While campaigners have won small victories, like the scrapping of plans for one 8000 cow mega-dairy, other corporate farming operations are still pushing hard for acceptance. A new report, say activists at the Soil Association, shows how these industrial-scale farming operations could put hundreds of UK farms in jeopardy:

Peter Melchett, Soil Association policy director, said:
"Developers claim they're meeting public demand, but it's wrong to say the British public are demanding that cows must be kept inside throughout the months they are milked, or that 2,500 mother pigs should spend their entire lives shut up inside a factory. These huge factory farms could herald a new phase in the way British farmers keep animals, opening the floodgates to similar developments and changing our farming landscape forever."