Martha Stewart's Eco-Detergent Crushed by Consumer Reports

Martha Stewart tends to put a lot of energy and attention to quality into every product she launches with her name on it, so it's kind of surprising that in a test of 50 laundry detergent brands, her new "Clean" line landed in dead last.

The startling results come from a Consumer Reports' test using the most widely available detergents and grading their effectiveness at hitting tough stains. Stewart's new eco-friendly line, announced in January, was just one of several green, plant-based formulas the org tested.

It's obvious that the staff engaged in the testing were surprised at the outcome; dedicating an entire video to basically eviscerating Stewart's claims that her product works on "tough stains" and is considered a "great value".

According to their experiment, plain clean water worked almost as well. Ouch.

Takeaway? Avoid Martha's "Clean" detergent and stick with something from Seventh Generation or Kirkland Signature Free & Clear. Both boast similar all-natural properties and cleaned “reasonably well” in the CR test.

Check out video of Consumer Report's testing Martha Stewart's Clean below: