Marriott Implements New Green Products

Marriott hotels will soon be a bit greener. (Photo: Mike Mozart [CC by 2.0]/Flickr)

International hotel giant, Marriott, is implementing several new items at many of its hotels as it strives to update their products and supplies to more environmentally friendly options. The latest items include a recycled key card, Eco-Smart pillows, coreless toilet paper and an increase in the use of recycled paper products.

Marriott is going to replace the existing keys with ones that are made of 50%-recycled materials. The company estimates that switch will save 66 tons of plastic by replacing the 24 million keys that are currently used in the US.

The Eco-Smart pillows have filling that are made from 100% recycled PET bottles and coreless toilet paper will reduce core waste by 2 million units annually. This translates to 119 trees saved, a 3 million gallon water reduction and a packaging waste savings of 21 tons per year.

These three measures are just a few of many steps that Marriott has taken to green their supply chain. "Each year, Marriott International and its owners spend about $10 billion annually buying products and services for its 3,000 hotels around the world. Recognizing this purchasing power, we’ve teamed up with our vendors to introduce these “greener” solutions at no extra cost." Source: Marriott

The other options that appear on the Greening Our Supply Chain list include earth-friendly towels, recycled pens, low VOC paint, biodegradable laundry bags and a laundry detergent with reduced phosphates release.