Marmol Radziner: Stunning New Prefabs

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Los Angeles architects and builders Marmol Radziner have just launched a new line of modular prefabs built in their own factory (these guys do everything!) with this shot that will be heard round the world- possibly the most beautiful prefabricated building this side of the Pacific. We will get the green stuff out of the way by pointing out that it is solar powered and uses the thermal mass of its concrete floors to retain heat; the architects say "we make our prefab modules in our own factory, with renewable and environmentally friendly materials. Our steel frame is made of recyclable material and is a more sustainable building material than wood. We like not having to cut down trees. We use eco friendly materials; solar panels, structural insulated panels (SIPs), and other energy efficient and "green" equipment and options also are available."


Marmol Radziner is not a typical architecture firm- they believe in controlling the process from start to finish and build their own furniture, millwork and operate a design-build construction firm. They built this in their own plant and furnished it with their own furniture.


The architects say: "The Desert House was designed for principal Leo Marmol, and his wife Alisa Becket. It was completed in Spring 2005 and is the prototype for Marmol Radziner Prefab. The Desert House employs four house modules and six deck modules, a quantity chosen to suit the wide desert landscape. The climate inspired us to create covered outdoor living areas, and we developed sunshade modules to provide solar protection. Sheltered living spaces blend indoors with outdoors, simultaneously extending and connecting the house to the north wing, which holds a guest house and studio space. By forming an "L," the home also establishes a protected, exterior environment that includes a pool and fire pit."


unlike other prefab designs we have covered on Treehugger, they waited to launch until they had built a prototype and were ready to deliver a real product to customers.

The Marmol Radziner house is part of a heritage of modernist steel prefabricated houses in the Palm Springs area, including the wonderful modern steel prefabs designed by Donald Wexler in Palm springs in 1962.


Treehugger was honoured to visit Donald Wexler's and Leo Marmol's houses on the same day- the Marmol Radziner prefab will join Wexler's as a milestone in the history of prefabrication.


Leo Marmol, Donald Wexler, and Ana Escalante, who has worked on the restoration of Wexler's homes. Read more including an interview by Michael Sylvester at ::fabprefab