Man Sets Up Camera to See Who Was Secretly Cleaning His Shed at Night (Video)

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Upon returning to his workbench each morning, the retired electrician would find it all tidied up ... but by whom?

Recently, every morning upon returning to his shed, 72-year-old Stephen Mckears would find that things were not as he left them. He began noticing clips collecting in an old ice cream tub and so to make sure he wasn't imagining things, he began emptying the tub of hardware at night and scattering it across his workbench ... only to return the next day to a tidy table. So with the help of his neighbor, the retired electrician set up a wildlife trail camera to try and solve the strange mystery.

Here is what the film revealed.

That's a good mouse! Plus, a mouse's work is never done. But why? My first thought was that the mouse was displaying some OCD, but that kind of behavior is more commonly found in animals in captivity. So maybe it was just hoarding inedible objects – there is plenty of evidence of rodents hoarding items they can't eat.

But there's another clue that I bet explains the tidying-up habits of this cute worker mouse. Mckears says that the ice cream tub is where he stores nuts to feed the birds. What would a smart little mouse do if it stumbled upon a jackpot tub of nuts? Likely, try to hide them ... one workbench tool at a time.

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