Man Saves Dog, Dog Saves Hummingbird, Hummingbird Saves Man Who Saved Dog

Screen capture. CBS Los Angeles/YouTube

Now the three unlikely friends live together under a single roof.

While this isn't breaking news – in fact the video below was first published some time last year – it managed to fly beneath my radar. Which is surprising given my penchant for cute "odd friends" animal stories and even more so, cute "odd friends" animal stories that feature a hummingbird!

So it all start with Ed Gernon of Whittier, California who adopted a feral dog named Rex. Rex saves a hummingbird on the brink of death, Gernon nurses the wee creature back to health, the three of them end up living happily ever after under the same roof. The bird is free to fly away, but sticks around with Gernon and Rex. Gernon calls it a miracle, and says that they all rescued each other.

I know that people rescue birds all the time and often form friendships with them – but a hummingbird? That's pretty remarkable, and makes for a wonderful illustration that compassion and salvation can be found in the most unexpected places.

See the story below – and see how Gernon painstakingly nursed the avian Tinkerbell back to health.