Man and His Trusty Canine Rescue 2 Dogs Trapped in Icy New York Lake

Timofey Yuriev and his wife, Melissa Kho, were walking their dog near a reservoir in Irvington, New York, when they heard a woman screaming for her dogs.

The two canines had attempted to cross the body of water and had fallen through the ice, and they were struggling to get out. That's when Yuriev jumped into action.

In the video above captured by Kho, Yuriev and his canine companion, Kira, swim out toward the dogs to rescue them.

They rescued the dogs and even made it look easy. Kho told MNN that her husband was able to do that because of the cold water training and breathing techniques they had been working on together. Yuriev used to live in Siberia.

"I was looking at them and I realized, alright, so ... the rescuer, they will come maybe in 10, 15 minutes. The dogs might have hypothermia," Yuriev told News 4 New York. That's why he didn't wait. "... My grandfather, a hunter, he taught me how to stand cold, and how to prepare yourself."

Everyone involved is in good health after the chilly rescue.