Making a Case for the Cardboard "Recession" iPhone Skin

ugly iphone case image
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Image via Case-Mate
Red Ferret pointed us to this 99 cent iPhone skin, saying it's the iPhone's ugliest, cheapest accessory. While that may be true, it actually is a really cool case for at least three reasons. 1. You can make it yourself
If you don't want to spend 99 cents, you can make something similar yourself. That actually is a greener option because despite the fact that this thing is cheap and is free to ship, there's the carbon footprint of getting it to your house. Considering the company posts an animation of the cutout being folded into the case, we're thinking you can easily watch and come up with your own flatpack design to turn into your own iPhone skin. Green, cheap, efficient.

2. It prevents phone theft
Just like uglying your bike to prevent theft, this skin can make people miss that you even have an iphone. Really...they even offer free sharpie inscriptions.

ugly iphone skin writing image

Yep..ugly. That hopefully means that your phone is protected not only from scratches but also from sticky fingers, which means you'll be able to keep last year's modeleven longer.

3. It's durable (enough), recyclable, or even compostable
So, depending on your use, this thing could last anywhere from a month or two (from now until the next time you have some cardboard that can be repurposed for a new skin...) to the better part of a year if you're really careful. But no matter what, when you're done, you can add it to your recycling bin or composter. You can't do that with most cell phone skins, which don't last forever on your phone, but do last forever on the planet.

So, ugliest, cheapest iPhone accessory ever? Maybe. Still a good green idea? We think so.