This Makes Sense: BMW Tells Kids to Dress Up in Fluorescent Clothing

©. BMW

TreeHugger recently covered a study that showed how people who drove BMW's are less likely to stop for people at crosswalks. So it should be no surprise that when BMW does a guide promoting road safety, it suggests that kids dress up in fluorescent vests.



If BMW really cared, it might campaign for lower speed limits. I don't expect that to happen. Instead, they will continue to try to reinforce that "blame the victim" culture where they can say "he wasn't wearing a helmet" or "I didn't see her, she came out of nowhere".

When I last wrote about this kind of thing, opinions were mixed, with commenters suggesting that "Advising someone to use caution and wear light colors is just good advice; advice I try to follow to this day because I can still hear my mom saying "wear your light coat so cars can see you".

There is truth to this; you probably shouldn't go out dressed like a ninja. However having a car company telling people to dress up like a Christmas tree is a bit much.

Via a tweet from Mikael @copenhagenize