Make Your Own Tablet Device From an Old Macbook

mac tablet photo
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. MrQuiffster via Instructables

MrQuiffster via Instructables/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A great project on Instructables walks you through how to create your own Mac tablet device for less money than the other mod projects out there, all while using a modified Macbook body. The creator, MrQuiffster, states:

There are three excellent Mac Tablet builds on Instructables already, so what sets my build apart from the crowd?
- The build is self-contained within the original Macbook body.
- Instead of using a Wacom tablet such as c4l3b or tqbrady's build, this tablet uses a modified Wacom TabletPC digitiser and stylus from a HP TX1000. Its much thinner and easier to modify.
- The optical drive, keyboard and trackpad get ditched for a USB hub and some funky peripherals...On launch, the Modbook's RRP was a whopping £1,649.
My build is currently topping out at £240.

That's a sizeable savings -- not only compared to other builds but also to other tablet devices on the market. However, a word of warning for excited makers: "It involves cutting a huge hole in the display lid, tearing the keyboard to its basic parts, cutting parts of the chassis, and soldering/desoldering tiny wires which connect to the logic board. This build is not to be undertaken lightly!"

If you don't get that tablet you were hoping for this holiday season, keep this project in your back pocket -- it might be your next best bet.