Make Your Own Organic Wool Sweater

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Remember the O-wool sweater in organic wool from Sahalie? Maybe the style wasn’t exactly your thing, or the colour clashed with your complexion. Fear not, a solution is to hand. The same folk who supply the manufacturers, also offer certified organic wool for hand knitters. Yep, the Vermont Organic Fibre Company allows you make make snappy green apparel, just like the big boys. Apparently this is a first in the US - organic wool for hand knitting. Available in 13 shades, it’s made from Australian merino wool, then spun in the US. Vermont Organic are hoping a goodly chunk of America’s estimated 53 million knitters will fall in love in love with the yarn. And they have good reason to expect they might. Because demand for organic fibre in the US, has grown 44%, as of 2005, according to the Organic Trade Association. ::Vermont Organic Fibre Company, via GreenKnitters.