Make Your Bed and Kitchen Disappear With Clei's Latest Transformers

©. Clei

It's hard, living in a small apartment. In may parts of Europe people spend a lot of money to live in very small apartments in the smartest parts of town. They often spend a lot more money on transformer furniture to get more out of that space. The Italian company Clei is master of the form; we have shown it before, particularly in Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment.

kitchen closeup

© Clei

At the recent Milan Furniture Fair Clei showed a terrific combination of folding kitchen and Murphy bed. In daytime dining mode the kitchen folds out and a counter folds down, acting as a pass-through to the dining room. Living in a shoebox says that the kitchen includes a sink, induction hob (stove) with 2 cookers (burners) , refrigerator, dish washer, microwave and hood. There's a healthy amount of storage in that moving wall too.

sleeping mode photo

© Clei

In nighttime sleeping mode the kitchen box goes away and the dining table folds up to what becomes the bottom of the bed. Clever. Clei's stuff is expensive, but it's a lot cheaper than another room. In America it is sold by Resource Furniture.