Make Your Air Conditioner Green With a Faux Shrub Cover

faux cover
Promo image. Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer/Promo image

It's called the TreeHugger EffectTM, where people across the nation hear our voice and trade their cars for bikes, move into tiny apartments and go vegetarian. Or, they are embarrassed into hiding their ungreen sins. As evidence of the TreeHugger EffectTM, we present The Faux Shrub Air Conditioner Concealer, made by the aptly namedReal Life Products and sold at Hammacher Schlemmer.

All those citizens who have heard us complain about the evils of AC are running to their computers to order these covers that hide the condenser with this hyper-realistic cover that "suggests the dark green foliage of a mature "Densiformis" yew", made from all-natural PVC.

It is tested by an engineer to ensure that it doesn't restrict air flow, and like a real vine on a building, shades and protects the unit from the sun.

faux cover

So Realistic! TRiCC/Promo image

See it in action here: